Tobias Renz is a self-taught photographer based in Berlin.
His work is an attempt at turning the everyday into the extraordinary. In his pictures, the complexity of urban life is explored through a profoundly humane and tender approach as that of the intimacy of a room or of personal belongings. Light, abstract shapes and colors are features that define the main focus of his work: rendering the beauty of imperfection visible to the eye.

Tobias Renz’ use of the medium of Polaroid photography is not that of a single straightforward act but of a collaboration between elements of doubt such as light, the mechanics of the camera and the fragility of thought. Pressing the shutter combines excitement with boundless curiosity as the resulting picture is always something of an unexpected nature. It’s a matter of choice divided between what you see, what you think you might get and what the camera wants you to have. It’s teamwork.

In his Polaroids, emotions roam free. He believes that no other camera can capture this flow better than the instant camera. Each picture is an experience that continues to unfold in the audience so ultimately they’re not what he saw when he pressed the shutter but what we see ourselves, now.

Emotion is born in the flawed instances of life, a place in which everything has the potential to be remarkable.

Instagram: tobiasrenz
Mail: tobias.renz@me.com